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Paving the Path to Progress: Why Early ABA Makes a Difference

Starting autism therapy services early, when a child’s brain is rapidly developing, is crucial. Early ABA therapy can help children develop social, language, and learning skills that will set them up for long-term success. Early intervention is also key to reinforcing positive behaviors and reducing less desirable ones. By providing essential information early on, you pave the way for a smoother and more efficient path towards your child’s developmental progress.

Screening for Autism

The Modified Checklist for Autism in Toddlers - Revised

The M-CHAT-R is a screening tool used to guide parents and professionals to determine whether a more in-depth autism evaluation should be performed. A positive result on the M-CHAT-R does not necessarily mean a child has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) but rather it indicates a higher likelihood of ASD or a similar disorder.

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The services we offer are proven, scientific therapies that are customized for each child and your family. Services may differ by region and clinician. To inquire about which services are right for your child, please contact us.

  • Early Intervention

    Research indicates that early, high intensity intervention, often birth to five years old may have the best outcomes for improving your child’s development.

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  • Home-Based ABA Therapy

    Home-based ABA services allow teaching to occur in the child’s natural environment and incorporates learning within the child’s natural routine.

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  • Center-Based ABA Therapy

    Our autism centers provide both comprehensive and focused ABA services that allow your child to learn a variety of skills in a structured environment.

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  • Diagnostic Services

    If your child needs a diagnosis, we’ll connect you with a diagnostician near you who can conduct an evaluation and provide you with all the documents that will be needed to move forward.

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  • Parent Collaboration

    It has been proven that parents who are actively involved in their child’s therapy often see more progress in their children. Our clinical team is trained to build success for the entire family unit.

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  • Speech, Occupational, & Physical Therapy

    Speech therapy assessments, consultations, and sessions include articulation, fluency, delayed language development, auditory and language processing disorders, and more.

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Nationally Accepted Insurance Plans

To see what insurances are accepted in your state, please visit our locations page and select your location. Each state page will list the insurance providers accepted in your area.
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  • ALP was very agile and very quick to reply anytime we needed help. Now that we are receiving services from other providers (non ABA related), we see the difference and value the quality support that ALP provided.

  • I liked that Autism Learning Partners had structure and order on how they approached therapy and goals. I value the time they took in getting to know my son on a personal level so that ABA treatment was tailored for my son.

  • ABA was imperative [to our three boys’] success and the knowledge, time, instruction, and passion that was put into our family from Autism Learning Partners has carried over into all aspects of their life.

About Autism Learning Partners

Autism Learning Partners is the ABA industry leader in evidence-based, family-oriented autism therapies. Our blended model and naturalistic approach are tailored to each individual case, empowering our clinicians to passionately practice the art of their science while providing our patients and their families with the skills, resources, and confidence they need to progress towards becoming successful, effective family units.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to be present while my child is receiving services?

    Family participation is vital for a child to make progress. Your clinical team will recommend a level of participation they determine is necessary. We encourage parents to sit in on sessions as often as they can. You are not required to participate in all ABA sessions; however, a caregiver over the age of 18 must be at home for the duration of each session. For clinic-based appointments, the child may be dropped off.

  • Do you diagnose?

    Yes. We offer onsite diagnostic services in several of our regions. Please get in touch with our intake department to determine if your region offers onsite diagnostic services or to request a list of diagnostic community partners in your area at (888) 805-0759 ext. 276.

  • Do you provide school-based services?

    Yes. If it is considered medically necessary and is a service recommended by your ALP clinical staff, we can. Additionally, your insurance company must approve it, and your school must approve that ALP staff can be on school premises with your child.

  • Do you provide services on weekends?

    Yes. We regularly provide sessions on weekends. ABA is a daily treatment program, and we offer some of those hours on weekends. Before treatment begins, our client services team will inform you about the options available and finalize your schedule with you.

  • Do you require a minimum number of hours?

    Yes. We require parents to commit to what is medically necessary for their child to make progress. Your BCBA will prescribe a level of service (number of weekly hours) based on your child’s needs that will lead to the best opportunity for behavioral improvements.