Need an Autism Diagnosis?
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Need an Autism Diagnosis?
We're Here to Help! Call Us Today 855-295-3276

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Be more human. Be more you.

Too much isolated field work can leave you feeling like you’re out in left field. It’s not good for the body, mind, soul — or career. That’s why ALP believes wholeheartedly in collaboration, interaction and honest-to-goodness teamwork. People power. We know that working face to face with colleagues and staff brings better outcomes to the families we serve. So we promote it, encourage it, and live by it. Keeping your human side happy lets you pour more of your passion into the client side. And isn’t that what this is all about?

Our mission is simple:

To provide hope, support and uniquely tailored pathways of progress for each child living with autism or related disorders.

Our vision is exciting:

We believe that a tailored, comprehensive care plan managed by our exceptional clinical talent is vital to success. When this approach is partnered with love and commitment from the family, each child can achieve his or her maximum potential.

Professional growth and opportunity:

We aim to promote from within, so we’re not afraid to dedicate corporate resources to your growth and advancement. Through our training programs, mentorships and on-the-job development, there’s no limit to what you can learn from the leaders in the ASD community. Autism Learning Partners can provide a career that works for you, with the flexibility to explore exactly what that means to you.


ALP offers an outstanding compensation and benefits package, including access to healthcare, dental and 401K plans. You’ll also appreciate our generous productivity incentives and innovative learning program to accumulate CEUs. These tangible benefits go hand-in-hand with the intrinsic rewards you’ll receive from improving the lives of the individuals and families that you serve.


In order to create a work environment where everyone can excel, we appreciate and respect differences in race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age and physical capabilities. Our goal is to foster inclusiveness and remove any barriers standing in the way of fairness and equity. On a daily basis, we are committed to strengthening the diversity of our workforce and continuously improving our organization. For additional questions or to speak to a member of our recruiting team please email them directly at

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At Autism Learning Partners, we believe that through exceptional clinical care, understanding and partnership, your child will make amazing progress.

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