Need an Autism Diagnosis?
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Need an Autism Diagnosis?
We're Here to Help! Call Us Today 855-295-3276


Autism Learning Partners (ALP) has been a leader in the special needs field for over 30 years, providing services to over 3,000 families nationwide. We’re proud to contract with schools and school districts, supporting special needs families with the evidenced-based intervention approach known as Applied Behavior Analysis, (ABA). ALP is committed to supporting Special Education Departments in service delivery and work towards preparing the student to access the curriculum independently or with minimal support!

ABA has been proven to be the most effective treatment in improving communication, listening, self-help, social skills, problem behaviors, school readiness, independence, quality of life, attention to tasks, classroom behavior and more!

Get resources for your school team and special education personnel, learn about the importance of early intervention, and find out how we can collaborate to make progress possible for special needs students.

Contact us today so that we may introduce you to a clinical director in your region and learn how we can support you with challenging behavioral cases that come up in the school year.

Classroom ABA 1:1 & Embedded Support

Our Behavior Technicians work towards preparing students to access the curriculum independently or with minimal support.

Clinical Supervision & Consultation

Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) or Masters Level Clinical Supervisors provide school clinical supervision and consultation, oversee our Behavior Technicians, attend IEP meetings and analyze data for progress reporting.

ABA Therapy

Widely recognized as the most effective treatment for special needs students. ABA addresses concerns with: Communication, listening, self-help, social skills, problem behaviors, school readiness, independence, quality of life, attention to tasks, classroom behavior and more!

Adaptability Planning

Adaptability programming is available for students who demonstrate progress, significant and sustainable improvement and meet measured goals.

Competitive NPA Rate Sheet

Contact us to request a competitive rate sheet for 1:1 and Embedded Classroom Support and Clinical Supervision Services.

Free Training & Development

Our school partners get access to FREE training and professional development on Special Education Best Practices!



Benefits of Center-Based Services

A center-based approach can be used in conjunction with home-based therapy or on its own. A customized plan will be developed for your child once you visit our office and meet with our licensed team. Some benefits of including a center-based approach include:

  • It's a great resource for children in pre-kindergarten or younger. Early intervention can make a huge difference in the life of a child.
  • Children have the opportunity to learn social skills through interaction with their peers. Home-based therapy is typically 1:1, whereas our center has 3 social group sessions throughout the day based on age and social abilities.
  • Trained staff are always available - a session will never be cancelled if a staff member calls out sick. Multiple staff are always available to guarantee consistent services are available for your child.
  • Many resources like toys, assessments, clinicians, parent training, group therapy, and community connections are all available at this location.
  • Behavior management and the ability to manage more severe behavioral problems than in the home.
  • Flexible day schedules are available for working parents.

 Our Mission


The mission of Autism Learning Partners is to provide the highest level of clinical expertise to facilitate significant and sustainable improvement for the individuals and families we serve.

Our Vision

Autism Learning Partners strives to give hope, support and paths of progress for children and their families living with Autism and related disorders.  We believe that a tailored, comprehensive care plan managed by our exceptional clinical talent, partnered with love and commitment from the family, allows each child to achieve his or her maximum potential.

Our People

We’re a passionate team of clinicians, therapists, care managers, specialists, managers, business people and insurance gurus and problem solvers that are dedicated to helping families and individuals with Autism and other disabilities progress and have the best life possible.

Our core team brings wisdom and experience from all walks of life and from all across the country. Our backgrounds are diverse, but a common mission unites us. We’re also fortunate to have a group of advisors and partners who are contributing their wisdom, capabilities, and networks to help us maximize our positive impact on the families we serve.

“ABA was the best choice for our family and allowed our children to maintain their personalities while working through the anxiety and sensitivities often found in autism spectrum disorders.*”

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