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Need an Autism Diagnosis?
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Insurance information for Autism Learning Partners

Understanding Insurance

Most states now have laws that support Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) services for autism, meaning that insurance companies must cover it.

To get coverage for autism services, start by identifying and understanding the type of insurance you have.

For example, a Fully Funded Plan, where premiums are paid by the employer and/or employee, are required by law to follow all state and federal mandates, so if your state has determined that ABA services are covered, your insurance company will pay the cost.

PPOs and HMOs are not required to follow state and federal mandates, so it’s up to the employer to decide whether ABA services are covered.

Look at your insurance card, or if you are employed, contact your HR department to determine the type of plan you have.





In addition to insurance, there are other ways to receive coverage for ABA services, including

Private Funding: Some families have the financial means to pay for services directly, which gives them the power to make their own decisions about treatment rather than relying on the insurance company. Families can also apply for grants from non-profit organizations that offer potential assistance.

State Funding: Every state has some form of support for individuals with autism, and we can advise you how to obtain them.


Sometimes parents want their child to receive more services than those covered by their program.

ALP offers the option to privately pay for such services, which can be useful when a parent wishes the child to receive services for which the child isn’t eligible, including:

  • Early Intervention Services
  • Classroom Support
  • Behavioral Support
  • Social Skills
  • Speech and Language Services
  • Occupational Therapy


Welcome to Autism Learning Partners!

ALP is committed to providing excellent customer service, resources and a support system to help you through the process of securing services for your family member.

There are a few simple steps that will help us get the insurance process going right away.  We want this to be easy, so we make the calls, send the paperwork and follow up with you and your insurance company.  Our team will keep you informed and answer any questions you have along the way.

Here is what we need from you to get started:

  1. Insurance card copy (front and back)
  2. INITIAL DIAGNOSTIC REPORT that diagnosed individual with autism (Within the last 5 years from an MD or Licensed Psychologist)
  3. PRESCRIPTION FOR ABA (required if the individual with autism is 3 years or older)
  4. The most recent I.E.P if #2 is 3 years or older.
  5. Completed insurance form

Typically, this step takes 1-2 weeks but expect us to contact youl as soon as we get the approval!

That’s it. We will submit all documents, verify benefits and send an initial request for services.  If you have questions during this time please feel free to contact us. We are always here.

Please note:  The faster you get the necessary documents sent to our care management team, the better.  During your first call, they will provide a wait time that is based on the paperwork being delivered within 5 working days.  After that, depending on how many other families we are working with, your wait list date may be extended.

Thank you again for contacting ALP.  Our goal is to give families the information and the support they need to get services started.

Please call 888.805.0759 to speak with a care manager with any questions or concerns.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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