Autism Diagnoses on the Rise Means More Resources Needed for Parents – Downey to Open ABA Center to Address this Need

Autism Diagnoses on the Rise Means More Resources Needed for Parents – Downey to Open ABA Center to Address this Need

Downey, CA (PRWEB) February 13, 2018 — While the CDC recognizes that 1 in 68 people have autism, new studies continue to release that this number may be much higher, as much as 1 in 45 people.

The ability to diagnose autism at an early age is key to a child’s progress. The earlier an intervention takes place the better chance the child will have to succeed in school, work, and eventually living an independent life. The only form of therapy recommended by the US Surgeon General and supported by research to treat autism spectrum disorders is the science of Applied Behavior Analysis, often referred to as “ABA therapy.”

One family described their experience with ABA therapy with a national autism therapies provider, Autism Learning Partners, and their three children who were diagnosed with autism:

“ABA was the best choice for our family and allowed our children to maintain their personalities while working through the anxiety and sensitivities often found in autism spectrum disorders.”

This family’s three children who underwent ABA therapy eventually went on to be in gifted and talented programs, with one child even attending an international baccalaureate program. Without ABA therapy, this level of independence may not have been possible. “ABA was imperative to their successes,” stated the mother of these three children.

Up until this point in the Downey area, access to ABA therapy was solely available through home-based services. While home-based treatment can be particularly helpful to modify behaviors that occur at home, they often do not have a focus on building social skills with other children. To fill this void, Autism Learning Partners is building a new ABA center for autistic children to work both 1-on-1 with behavior technicians and behavior analysts as well as have the opportunity to work with other children to develop their social skills.

Another much-needed resource for parents with children on the spectrum are parent and sibling workshops and group therapy. At the same center in Downey, Autism Learning Partners will be offering a hybrid model in which parents can drop off their children for intensive ABA therapy sessions in the clinic, in which individualized goals tailored to the child’s needs will be targeted. In addition, therapy services will also be provided in home where goals learned in the clinic can be integrated into the home. Families will also receive training specific to their child at the clinic as well as join other like-minded parents for group therapy.

This state of the art ABA center in Downey California is scheduled to open in the beginning of March 2018. They are now accepting applications to sign up for services and schedule on-site tours after their official launch.

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