El Paso Center for Autism Hosts Family Open House Fiesta to Support Growing Need in TX

El Paso Center for Autism Hosts Family Open House Fiesta to Support Growing Need in TX

The El Paso Center for Autism will Host a Free Open House Fiesta for Families with Special Needs

EL PASO, TexasDec. 27, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Autism is a developmental disorder affecting more than 3.5 million Americans’ ability to communicate and socialize with others. Given how widespread autism is (approximately 1 in 68 people have the disorder), chances are you know someone on the autism spectrum. While autism cannot be “cured,” there are therapy options to help teach a autistic child methods of communication and skills to interact socially with others. These options help set a child up for success in life—in school and into adulthood.

One of the nation’s largest providers of autism therapy, Autism Learning Partners, exists to help parents navigate this stressful time through applied behavior analysis (ABA therapy). ALP serves families by implementing programs into a child’s school, home, and social life to help develop the functional skills necessary to succeed in various stages of life. For example, many children on the spectrum experience difficulty communicating with their peers and teachers. This lack of communication and social skills may delay the potential for progress in education, the ability to build friendships, or thrive in group settings. In more severe scenarios, children may be physically aggressive or non-verbal, which can drastically affect their ability to experience independence as an adult later in life.

One mother shared her experience with ABA therapy explaining that, “ABA was the best choice for our family and allowed our children to maintain their personalities while working through the anxiety and sensitivities often found in autism spectrum disorders.”

The family’s three children who received ABA therapy eventually went on to be in gifted and talented programs in school, with one child even attending an international baccalaureate program. Without ABA therapy, this level of independence may not have been possible. “ABA was imperative to their successes,” stated the children’s mother.

Autism Learning Partners, the parent company of the El Paso Center for Autism, has been serving the community for the over 30 years; however, the recent increase in demand for services from local families in TX meant that the center would need to be larger than some of its other national locations. The El Paso Center for Autism features 4 therapy rooms to host social groups for all ages, including after school programs and full-day early intervention programs for children as young as 18 months. The El Paso Center for Autism also offers parent training to teach parents how to incorporate what children learn at the center into the home.

The El Paso Center for Autism is holding an open house fiesta for families with special needs to see this state-of-the-art ABA center firsthand. The open house will take place on February 9th from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM and will include free games, actives, food, and a raffle. The raffle will include a family four-pack to Rockin’ Jump and another family four-pack to Adventure Zone.

For more information and to RSVP for the event, visit autismlearningpartners.com/elpaso

*This testimonial was solicited from a past Autism Learning Partners client

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