Need an Autism Diagnosis?
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Need an Autism Diagnosis?
We're Here to Help! Call Us Today 855-295-3276

Physician or School District Partnerships

We support and partner with Medical Service Providers and School Staff Members to provide services for patients and/or students.

Our Partners

Children’s Learning Connection

Hundreds of families rely on CLC for in-home ABA and clinic-based speech, occupational, and physical therapy. In addition, CLC teams are proud to offer specialized Infant Programs and Social Skill Groups. For more information visit



Aspire Autism, LLC
The staff at Aspire Autism, LLC Colorado are leaders in the field of Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorder. We utilize the technology of Applied Behavior Analysis to provide top-quality behavioral therapy and supports. For more information visit




A is for Apple
A is for Apple (AIFA) is a leading and comprehensive autism therapy provider in Northern California, serving Santa Clara County, Santa Cruz County, and neighboring cities. AIFA provides Pediatric ABA in the home and provides Center-based Speech and Occupational Therapy and Early Intervention Services to children ages 0-10. The naturalistic clinic setting at AIFA will make your child feel like it’s a “home away from home.” For more information, visit



Elevated Insights
Elevated Insights Assessment provides scientifically-grounded and culturally-responsive psychological evaluation services to meet the needs of children and families in Denver, Colorado and provides diagnostic evaluations for Autism Spectrum Disorder. For more information visit


Community Based Care
CBC is a holding company formed to provide services to the Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (“I/DD”) market in North Carolina and surrounding states and currently provides services in North Carolina through its wholly owned subsidiaries Lindley Habilitation Inc., HomeCare Management, Hughes Behavioral Health Services, Community Innovations, and QC Inc. For more information, visit

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What is “ABA” therapy?

ABA Therapy is a discipline devoted to the understanding and improvement of human behavior, focusing on objectively defined, observable behaviors of social significance.

It’s used to change behaviors by evaluating the functional relationship between a behavior and the environment.

Also, structured to incorporate the teaching of appropriate and functional replacement behaviors.

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