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Need an Autism Diagnosis?
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There’s plenty of information out there that give parenting tips for children. Parenting tips in regards to autism, however, can be a challenge. Every child with autism is unique in their communication style, triggers, and more; so a hard steadfast list of parenting tips may not work for every parent. Even so, there are a few tips we can offer that most parents find helpful.

Parenting Tips for Families who have Children with Autism:

  1. When your child asks for something, have them make eye contact with you before giving it to them.
  2. Practice simple exercises with your child like clapping, jumping and touching their nose or toes.
  3. Look through picture books and ask your child to find and point to specific pictures.
  4. Reinforce a specific communication skill (vocal, signs, etc.) by keeping a favorite item nearby but out of reach so the child must ask for it. Or keep the item in a clear plastic bin that’s not easy to open so the child must request “help” or “open.”
  5. Sing songs that have motions and have the child imitate your movements. Start with the “Itsy Bitsy Spider” or make up your own motions to any song you think your child would like.

One of the most meaningful conversations you will have with your clinical team is the importance of parent participation. It has been proven that parents who are actively involved in their child’s therapy often see more progress in their children.

At home, it’s important to reinforce skills your child is learning in therapy by incorporating them into his or her daily routines. As with any skill, practice is key. Your child is with his or her therapist for only a small part of each day, so if lessons aren’t practiced at home, or if the child’s home experience is greatly different from what happens in therapy, it will take much longer to learn and reach goals.

For suggestions on how to incorporate learning skills at home, ask your team’s behavior analyst. If you don’t yet have a behavior analyst, we’re here to help. You can speak to one of our care managers at 888-805-0759, send an email to, or fill out the information below to get information about starting services. At Autism Learning Partners, we hope that through exceptional clinical care, understanding and partnership, your child will make amazing progress.

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