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Vollmer, Marcus, Ringdahl, and Roane (1995) developed an experimental analysis sequence intended to control for experimental confounds (e.g., interaction effects) that progresses through phases; the process begins with brief analyses before more extended analyses are conducted. In the current case study, a variation of the sequence described by Vollmer et al. (1995), was used to determine the reinforcers maintaining the participant’s engagement in self-injurious behavior (SIB); a multielement functional analysis (FA) with extended conditions and a component analysis were required because the initial multielement FA yielded inconclusive results. The additional analyses conducted included (1) an extended ignore condition, (2) the repeated presentation of each social reinforcement condition, and (3) a component analysis. Utilization of extended analyses led to a successful identification of the maintaining variables; SIB during both attention and tangible conditions occurred at higher levels than in the ignore and demand conditions, indicating that the participant’s SIB was maintained by positive reinforcement in the form of attention and access to tangibles.

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