Need an Autism Diagnosis?
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Need an Autism Diagnosis?
We're Here to Help! Call Us Today 855-295-3276





This is generally a part-time job; usually 10-15 hours per week. More hours may be possible depending on staffing needs. How many hours are you looking for per week?

What hourly rate are you hoping to make?

What is your highest level of education completed?

Are you bilingual?

If YES to bilingual, what language(s) do you speak other than English? (If NO, leave blank)

What city do you live in?

Do you have experience working with children? If so, how many years of experience?

How many years of exposure to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder do you have? (exposure means knowing children who are on the autism spectrum through family members, friends children, or doesn’t only mean paid work. We hire all Easter Seals.)

Do you have ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) experience?

What is your availability during the week to work for us? We generally provide services Mon-Fri 8am-8: 30pm, as well as variable times on the weekends.

Do you own a reliable form of transportation, a valid driver’s license and agree to the requirement of driving up to 20 miles for cases?

Do you have any conflicts that will interfere with your availability across the next three months? (e.g., previously booked vacation plans, holidays, changes in school schedules)

Do you own a tablet or smartphone where you can readily access the Internet? We use software, Central Reach, which would require you to use a device to take data and render sessions. We also pay all employees a tech stipend to help cover these costs.

Are you able to get down on the ground play with a child, and run after them if needed?


Upload your resume: (only .pdf and .doc filetypes are supported, 2MB limit)


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