Need an Autism Diagnosis?
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Need an Autism Diagnosis?
We're Here to Help! Call Us Today 855-295-3276


The more you can connect with the ASD community and learn about autism, the better you can see the world through your child’s eyes. We’re committed to giving you and your family every ounce of support, in any form that you need it. Looking for articles? Videos? Other people like you? The links below are your connection to the latest information and resources to keep you in the know.

Military Services

Military families know a thing or two about sacrifice. Not only do you put your life on the line to protect our country, but your entire family is always on the ready to relocate and start over — new schools, new doctors, new everything. If you have a child with Autism, you know the additional challenges that come with the territory.


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Get the latest info, tips and tools from the autism specialists at ALP. Read our blog, share your comments and take part in the conversation. Learn more about all things autism from clinical information and tips from our knowledgeable staff to how to prepare for school (IEP) to how to get ABA insurance. Our goal is to be your support with information dedicated to the needs of parents and caregivers.

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Watch and learn from our video library! The clinical team at Autism Learning Partners has put together a series of helpful videos for parents and families of children with autism.

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We can help you find more resources that can provide additional information on autism services, community and valuable partners that support families.

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At Autism Learning Partners, we believe that through exceptional clinical care, understanding and partnership, your child will make amazing progress.

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