Parent Collaboration

It has been proven that parents who are actively involved in their child’s therapy often see more progress in their children. Our clinical team is trained to build success for the entire family unit.
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Benefits of Parent Collaboration

  • Results Through Involvement

    Studies show that when parents and caregivers are involved in their child's therapy, there are often improved results.
  • Natural Interaction

    We guide you to include learning through play and natural routines, so it doesn't feel like "homework", which in turn increases retention.
  • Proven Great Outcomes

    According to Gresham et al (1999) parent training results in greater outcomes for the child, compared to services without ABA parent training incorporated into the treatment.
parent training
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you provide a blended treatment option (e.g. half in home and half in a clinic)?

    At many locations we offer clinic and home-based services, however, not all locations have a clinic at this time. Please reach out to your Intake Coordinator for more information regarding the services that are available in your area.

  • Do you have qualified staff?

    Yes. Each ALP region employs BCBAs (Board Certified Behavior Analysts) and master’s level Supervisors who oversee all clinical operations. Additionally, our Behavior Technicians who carry out the daily treatment programs receive a comprehensive training program along with regular supervision, support and ongoing training by our senior clinical staff.

  • Do you provide services on weekends?

    Yes. We regularly provide sessions on weekends. ABA is a daily treatment program, and we offer some of those hours on weekends. Before treatment begins, our client services team will inform you about the options available and finalize your schedule with you.

  • Do you require a minimum number of hours?

    Yes. We require parents to commit to what is medically necessary for their child to make progress. Your BCBA will prescribe a level of service (number of weekly hours) based on your child’s needs that will lead to the best opportunity for behavioral improvements.

  • Does my child need an autism diagnosis to get ABA services?

    Insurance companies will authorize Applied Behavior Analysis services when a child has a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). If your child does not have a diagnosis of ASD, you can choose to pay for services privately.

  • How will I confirm that my insurance company covers diagnostic services?

    Our Intake team will verify coverage with your insurance company. A referral from your child’s physician will be required unless your family is paying privately.

  • How does secondary insurance work?

    Please ensure that you communicate both your primary and secondary insurance information to Autism Learning Partners. You will be billed for any patient responsibility balance remaining after all insurance plans adjudicate your claims.  If you do not have a secondary insurance during your initial intake process but add one later,  you may inform an ALP staff member at that time so we can verify your coverage and add it to our system.  If your insurance ever changes throughout your child’s treatment plan, please notify an ALP staff member to navigate a smooth transition and ensure that services are not disrupted. ALP will also work with you to verify your new benefits.

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