Publications by ALP Team Members

Our ALP team members are dedicated to making a lasting impact in the autism community, both in and outside of the workplace. We are proud to feature the accomplishments and contributions our team members have made with their noteworthy published works. Their commitment and expertise are invaluable to ensure each child and their family reach their full potential.

Presentation: Incorporating ABA for a Calm Home

Presentation: ABA and Adolescence

Presentation: Strategies for Aggression and Self Injury at TACA’s Autism Action Conference

Behavioral skills training for parent implementation of a menstrual hygiene task analysis.

Use of Extinction Procedures to Decrease Self-Injurious Behavior

ACT-ing to support compassion-focused applied behavior analysis

Who’s Afraid of the IRB? A Framework for Conducting Meaningful, Ethical Research in Applied Settings

The Balanced Scorecard: A Values-based Approach to Clinical and Operational

Evaluation of Teaching With Acoustical Guidance (TAGteach)

The Compelling Case for Clinical Prescription: Practical Interventions for Aligning Caregivers and Clinicians

Workshop: Improving Communication and Motivation for Children with Autism. Knox-Waren Special Education District.

A Correlational study on the Exceptional Children Teachers’ Perspectives of Functional Behavior …

Functional Assessments & Implementing Positive Behavioral Strategies in the Classroom

Presentation: Working with Paraprofessionals in the Classroom. Southeast Missouri State University’s Fall Student Teacher Seminar. Cape Girardeau, MO.

Working with Paraprofessionals in the Classroom

Workshop: Developing a Quality Online Clinical Training Program. Southeast Missouri State University’s Department of Educational Leadership & Counseling Faculty Meeting. Cape Girardeau, MO.

Workshop: Applied behavior analysis in the classroom. Presentation at Southeast Missouri State University

Functional Analysis of Self-Injurious Behavior for an Adult With Visual Impairment Living in a Group Home

The supervisor’s training curriculum. Workshop presentation at Trumpet Behavioral Health’s Leadership Retreat

Self-instruction manual: Introduction to teaching discrimination skills to children diagnosed with autism

Training Novice Instructors to Implement Errorless Discrete-Trial Teaching: A Sequential Analysis

Behavioral skills training workshop: A “one-size-fits-most” approach to skill acquisition. Presented at Trumpet Behavioral Health

Workshop: A behavioral approach to toilet training presented at Trumpet Behavioral Health

Let’s chat! Beginning communication made easy. Invited workshop presentation at the Lafayette County Parenting Fair

An introduction to applied behavior analysis interventions for individuals with autism spectrum disorders. Presentation at the quarterly meeting of the Missouri Autism Navigators

Workshop: Intervention strategies for individuals with autism spectrum disorders. Presented for the Missouri Association for School Psychologists

Teaching Children with Autism to Tact Private Events

Effects of single and multiple verbal operant arrangements for teaching mands and tacts

Workshop: Basic behavioral strategies parents can use at home

Workshop: An overview of applied behavior analytic (ABA) interventions for children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders. Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics Spring Conference: Best Practices

Workshop: Identifying autism spectrum disorders

Workshop: Social skills training for individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders. Presented to Homer Glen School District

Applied behavior analysis and evidenced-based practices for the treatment of autism spectrum disorders

What constitutes evidence-based autism practices? Presentation at the Autism Today & Tomorrow Expo held at Moraine Valley University

Teaching children to work and play independently. Presentation at the Autism Today & Tomorrow Expo held at Moraine Valley University

Promoting the generalization of skills and the use of incidental teaching. Presentation at the Autism Today & Tomorrow Expo held at Moraine Valley University

Workshop: Teaching coping and daily living skills to children with autism spectrum disorders

Workshop: Catch ‘em being good! Increasing appropriate behaviors

Workshop: “But, he only eats red foods!” Addressing food selectivity with individuals with autism spectrum disorders. Conference for Parents and Professionals. Joliet, IL.

Workshop: Selecting and teaching appropriate communication methods. Conference for Parents and Professionals. Joliet, IL.

Workshop: Medications and Autism. Conference for Parents and Professionals. Joliet, IL.

Workshop: Reducing challenging behavior in group settings using environmental enrichment and noncontingent reinforcement

Workshop: Strategies for increasing cooperation. Conference for Parents and Professionals. Joliet, IL.

Noncontingent reinforcement is an empirically supported treatment for problem behavior exhibited by individuals with developmental disabilities. Research in Developmental Disabilities

Reducing High-Rate Mands of Children with Autism: An Evaluation of Stimulus Control and Delayed Reinforcement…

Speech Pathology and Applied Behavior Analysis Special Interest Group (SPABA)

Inappropriate Use of the Terms Noncontingent Reinforcement and Differential Reinforcement of Other Behaviors

“DATA: Document Accurate Trends and Analyze” a presentation at the 67th Annual Conference on Exceptional Children